The New Normal

It’s only been about four days and I feel like a routine is settling into place. Take a shower eat breakfast, get on the train, walk to work. However, I found a little shop that I like that serves these amazing creme brûlées. I would show you all a picture…but I ate it. I had some spare time today to walk around Akihabara station before work. It is jam packed with anime characters, little cafes, and electronics. I’m a little nervous to go in to some of these places because I don’t want to get swindled out of my money. I heard that some places charge you to sit down. By doing so they trap you into ordering something because, otherwise, it’s not worth the charge to sit down.

I decided to just head for work. Work was similar to yesterday. I distributed food to those in need, made sure people got their share, and cleaned up after. The only big difference is working with kids at the Kids Cafe. They have a place for kids to do their homework, learn some english, and decorate the place for the upcoming star festival. I played uno with a kid and learned the names of  some colors. I lost track of time at that point and got home kind of late. I don’t want to make my host mom worry, so I’ll set an alarm to, at the very least, check in with her.

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