Where’s Here?

My work has me travel to Saitama on Saturdays. The only problem was that Amanda (fellow iwu intern) and I weren’t given a direct address. We were given the address of the entire prefecture and a vague map of the area. Then we had to figure the rest out on our own. It was kinda scary. I took several wrong turns on my way there. I even took the wrong train…twice!  Luckily I left really early, so I arrived right on time. Work is the same as it is in Akihabara. Organize the food, pack the rice, sort the bins, and distribute to those in need. My boss at the Saitama location wasn’t as proficient in english as I was led to believe, but there was another volunteer there who could translate any complex directions. After work, I went to Tokyo. Beautiful Tokyo. If Chicago is considered an urban area, then Tokyo must be a highly advanced alien civilization. That being said, for some reasons there are spots in Tokyo where the air smells like something rotting. I would have to say the beauty masks the smell pretty well.IMG-0920

2 thoughts on “Where’s Here?

  1. Hokanson kun!! Nice blog. Have you done karaoke? That’s what is says on the top of the building in your picture! Do you eat breakfast with your homestay family? What do you have? Ganbatte!


    1. I have done karaoke! I think there’s a picture in my first post that has me singing with Emma’s host family. I was belting out “living on a prayer” with her host dad. I eat breakfast with Aoki-san every morning. Normally I have tea, orange juice, Bread with cheese, eggs, and ham, and then some peeled oranges. I can’t wait to go to an onsen!


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