The Zoo, The Food and Money

It was my first day off from work and my friend Emma already had plans for our little group (which was just Connor, Emma, and I). She wanted to go to the zoo and go to Skytree (a tower in japan). Well, we got to the zoo and paid the entrance fee. However, there was a two hour wait to see the Pandas. That didn’t stop us though, and we got to see plenty of other animals.FullSizeRender (4) Unfortunately the heat was unbearable, and all that walking around was exhausting, so we decided to stop and eat. I had some fried chicken ligaments and rice. It was strange. It tasted like a combination of crunchy chips and slimy octopus. I don’t think I’ll order that again. There was one interesting thing I discovered. Not many Japanese people have heard of sloppy joes! I offered to make it one day for my host mom, Aoki. Then, as it turns out, Emma’s host family hasn’t heard of sloppy joes either! I’m pretty sure they serve sloppy joes somewhere in Japan, but, if that’s not the case, I think I might have found a great way to make money. Speaking of which, I need to slow down. It’s so easy to go everywhere and see everything when you’re not worrying about the money in your wallet. Traveling to work everyday is pretty expensive in itself since I have to pay using my Suica card (a train pass) every time I get on a train. Time to ease up on the spending.

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