Last Post in Japan

Hello everyone. It’s my last day in Japan. Unbelievable! I didn’t even think I was that far into the program. There was so much I was doing, and so much more I wanted to do. I wanted to go visit all the islands in Japan, try eating puffer fish, and go surfing on the beaches in Okinawa. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do it all, but, once I got into a routine at work and found out places I like to go and things I like to do, I started thinking I would have time for things later. I guess that wasn’t the case. However, I’ve enjoyed my time here in Japan. It has been an honor to work alongside great staff at Second Harvest Japan, to have a host mom that is generous and kind, and to be given this opportunity to go abroad. I would like to thank everyone who made this possible. (that being said, I only like giving out names and information if I have formally asked for it in person, email, or other form of confirmation, so I will not be giving names). IWU, IES Tokyo, and Second Harvest Japan. Thank you.

My last day in Japan wasn’t very thrilling, but pretty nice. I wondered around Tokyo, with Connor and Emma, and went up Tokyo tower. It was nice. Later we played some card games and went over to Emma’s host family’s house for dinner. The meat that they were cooking looked so good, I wanted to eat it fresh out of the package. Then again, if there was a chance of getting sick before coming home, I wanted to avoid it. I had a wonderful meal and we all had a good time. Emma especially had a good time when she was surprised to received many amazing gifts from her host family that night. My host mom also got me some pretty amazing gifts. But I want to surprise my folks so I’m not going to spoil anything for them yet.

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One of the things I have to take some more time in thinking about is what I’ve taken away from this experience. Being abroad in a foreign country is a great experience to have. Why? Because not everybody is from America. That’s the simplest way I can put it without writing a paper at this moment. There are a bunch more reasons I assure you. In my honest opinion, everyone should have an experience abroad to discover more about it themselves. Things you may find weird are normal there. Things you may have thought were normal are strange there. Being here really taught me what mechanisms I should use to adapt to a new environment. Knowing the things I know now, and having done the things I have, I now have a new life goal. After my education and career are stable enough, I’d like to get enough money to take my family on a vacation in Japan. (And maybe I’ll have taken a few more Japanese classes to translate for them.)

I feel like I’ve grown in some ways, but found room to grow in others. I have much to work on in the future and much more to look forward to. The first thing I’m looking forward to is getting back to my family. The second is getting out of this humid temperature. Bye everyone. I’m coming home.

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